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Smile and Enjoy the Ride!


About Abbie

I'm a woman who is in her element on a bike.  Whether it's shredding down knarly descents, climbing epic heights, cruising to school with my boy, spinning through the neighborhood to the yoga studio, or ripping through the trees on singletrack, as long as I am pedaling I am free.


Yes, I find riding a bike exhilerating in every form, at any speed.  It use to consume me.  I felt out of place when I wasn't pedaling, always longing for the next ride.  I was completely addicted to the wind blowing in my hair, the adrenaline rush, the sweat, the dirt, the pain, the bliss.  My life off the bike became anxious, restless looking for that next high of the ride.  Then I found Yoga.  I admit it, at first it was just another workout.  But something magical happened.  I connected with my breath, then my ambition took a turn on my ego to shed the layers and my authentic true self emerged balanced and satisfied.  Content.  Yoga is the Yin to the Yang of riding a bike. 


After years of personal practice the journey has brought me to share, empowering others to discover their true potential.  It is bringing awareness to balancing training on the bike with asana that sets me apart as a coach.  It is exhilerating to see others shine their brightest too!


Smile and enjoy the ride,


"There is nothing

like a dream

to create the Future."

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