For almost a decade, My Alibi Clothing has been inspiring women to feel beautiful while riding a bicycle.  Founder Abbie Durkee is now building a team to spin off this brand's success to diversify and inspire the bike integrated lifestyle with Pedal Boutique.



Startup Leadership Opportunity

with Pedal Boutique

Pedal Boutique

Aimed at the triple bottom line:

People, Planet, Profit


The Mission is to inspire the bike integrated lifestyle in America as a part of progress towards more sustainable communities.  Women are key to bike infrastructure evolving.   Pedal Boutique gives her the resources to use a bicycle effectively while maintaining her own style and personality.


The Vision is to open a Pedal Boutique in each emerging bike-friendly city and town across America.  Each location will become a hub for women to connect and inspire each other while finding a broad range of apparel, accessories, and gear to accomodate their lifestyle on and off the bike.  With a focus on products tested for functionality throughout the spectrum of cycling genre, each store will bring its own community style into its merchandising.


The Goal is to bring together women leaders to unify the voice of of women and bikes. By empowering more brands to offer more variety of functional and sustainable products, we can support the simplification of using a bike as an enjoyable form of transportation, as well as recreation and fitness. 


Industry Objective: By supporting the fastest growing market segment in the Bike Industry with our signiture on tested apparel and gear, we will become the entry point for women.  Allowing us to support her relationship with the right IBD for her bike needs.


If you are currently a leader building a brand or working in advocacy, let's connect and discover how we may align towards our common goals.


Leadership Opportunity


Are you a leader passionate about bringing sustainability to the world of business?


Do you believe in the bicycle as a key element to social transformation towards sustainabiliy?


We are currently looking for leaders for both the executive team as well as emerging bike friendly communities. 


Qualifications and Interests:

Retail literacy (any or all)
     - Point of sale

     - E-commerce

     - Inventory management
     - Staffing and team building
     - Customer relations
Business modeling
Business analysis and insight

Capital procurment
Marketing and public relations

Love of the outdoors, and bicycles


This is a chance to drive the startup process and bring Pedal Boutique to the streets of your community. 


To get involved, please send your resume and cover letter and salary requirements to:


Not a store manager but think you have what it takes to collaborate on a revolutionary business model?  Schedule a time to meet with Abbie to learn more about the possiblities.


"Together we can achieve so much more!"





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