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Grounded Creation

Riding bikes fast is great, and standing on your hands is impressive, but once you really tap into your inner greatness, it begins to show in quality of your work. When I say work, I don't mean the job you go to each day. Hopefully, as you progress along the path of being the change that you want to see in the world, your work will become your full time job, but until then, it is a process of balance. For some knowing your work in life is an early revelation, but for most it comes along the journey as we persue our passions In the beginning it feels a lot like moonlighting, peeling off one layer of personality to explore your passion inspired life's work. During this time, smile and enjoy the ride. Some of the best connections to the collective conscious come in that moment of pure exhaustion.

Eventually, you will find a groove or make major decisions to let go of something. Even letting go of the bike or yoga happens in order to persue career success. In my own experience these passions always win and get put back into the fold, giving me a greater appreciation of their power in my life. Once you can keep learning and growing and applying your passion to your work, great things will begin to emerge. Little diamonds of success that give deep meaning to life and your purpose.

As an artist, I have sheltered my 'work' (paintings) from the push and shoove of the real world by claiming the process of creating these works as sacred. I don't go there with an objective to sell my work for money, to decorate a space, or even impress anyone else. I paint to tell stories that can not be expressed through words. Using a visual vocabulary to take the viewer on an emotional journey that may be unique to me as I paint them, but take on the personification of the feminine in each of us. Welcome to Abigail's Art Gallery

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