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Step into my pedals

It comes down to one fundamental idea:

More Women on Bikes means safter Infastructure = Social Progress

I am all about:

1. getting more kids on bikes

2. more cyclists using a bike as transportation

3. more people getting out and enjoying nature

4. more trails

5. more fun

6. more fitness

BUT above all else, I believe the Bicycle is by far the most intelligant tool we have to fix our broken economy and social structure. I could write a book about all the angles of how the bike helps social progress, but until you experience the simplicity effect that using a bike as transportation can have on your life, my words will be wasted.

Instead of listing all the benefits and resolves the bike can bring, let me share with you my daily experience that could be your's too.

This morning I woke up at 6:45am to a fire warming the house and the smell of coffee. My husband was heading out into the fog to drive our car to work. Before he left he woke up our 7 year old with a goodmorning papa greeting and kissed me goodbye. As our bundle of fun got himself dressed and settled into an episode of Wild Krats, I warmed up the leftover butternut squash soup for his lunch and handed him a bowl of Organic O's. At 8 o'clock sharp, Dustin was standing at the door with his backpack loaded and helmet on, waiting for me to open the door so he could push his bike out and beat me down the hill.

A cautious couple of corners, watching out for all the fire breathing dragons (our term for motorized vehicles that we share the roads with) then we pop safely onto the bunny trail. This tiny little stretch of dirt that runs along the creek doesn't really save us any time, but the added joy of pedaling through the trees makes it a part of our morning ritual that we would not skip, so we are sure to give ourselves that extra minute or two. On the other end we pop out crossing a little bridge and carefully re-enter the road like warriors with enlightened awareness of every dragon. We safely pedal along the white line into town. The last little bit to get to school is a tough little climb that wakes up every muscle and leaves this little 2nd grader happy, and powered up to take on another day of learning and growing. A quick, lock up of the bike, a kiss and blessing and I'm off pedaling back to tap on the keys in my office by 8:30am.

While I know this may not be possible for everyone, it is a joy in our life that keeps us connected and healthy. I shared this example with you, so you could see that it really doesn't take that much more actual "time" but only a bit of planning and commitment for most urban dwellers to integrate the bike effectively into your lifestyle.

This is why I design practical functional clothing to support women integratng the bike more effectively into her lifestyle. You see, we women, we get stuff done! If we are filling up the roads, pedaling our bikes, we will orchastrate more safe routes, bike lanes, and laws that make it safer for us and our children to ride our bikes from place to place. My Alibi skirts are more then bike function, they are practical skirts to wear doing anything. Skirts that won't interfer when you jump on your bike to get to your next destination.

Thanks for pedaling it forward!!

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