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Many of you know that along the side of empowering women to pedal, I have been dedicated to giving young athletes the tools to become champions. Formerly, the girl team that I founded and coached for Whole Athlete was known as the Pretty Fast Girls, helping our current World Cup Champion, Kate Courtney build a solid foundation for success.

Last year, I started coaching another young powerhouse, Vida Lopez de san Ramon.

She spent 2019 racing in the My Alibi jersey so you may have seen her out there with successes of winning the XC MTB National Championship Title for girls 13-14, 2nd place at CX Nationals, CA State Champion, and a 2nd place in the Downieville Classic, among many others.

This year we are formalizing a new program to break the economic barriers of racing in the dirt beyond the interscholastic level. The TrailWorks Dirt Devo Racing Team is a a collaborative effort with Brian Astell to supporting talent with both skills work and training plans to build a solid foundation for long term success. We are excited to be partnering with the B-RAD Foundation as our fiscal sponsor to pedal forward by connecting each sponsored athlete with a new less fortunate kid getting a bike and getting shown the way. We all had someone show us!

So our goal is to raise $10K/athlete to cover race fees, travel expenses, training camps, bikes, coaching and... yeah you get it... $10k isn't even enough! BUT it will help so we keeping pedaling!! Click here to support this project, and follow along as these kids are going to do amazing things!! The evolution is shreddy!!!

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