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Woman of Inspiration Day 4: Alice Paul

It's Thursday so how about a Throwback to to another century when women joined hands, from the depths of poverty to the elite of class, to fight for the rights that we woman today take for granted?

Yes, I am speaking of Alice Paul and the power the suffragettes found through standing together through a hunger strike to force their voice to be heard. Would you go to jail for the rights you believe in?

If you haven't seen it, put "Iron Jawed Angels" in DVD queue. A powerful reenactment of history that wasn't in the text books I read in High School. There is only one thing missing from this film and that is the bikes these women were riding to find their independence. The history of bloomers aligns with this movement with our pedal revolution. Yes the Wonder Bloomers are a bit more revealing then in 1906 but isn't everything now? At the time they were thought of as revealing! Still meant to go under your skirts today's wonder bloomers are all about empowering women to discover the freedom of pedaling a bike.

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