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Women of Inspiration Day 6: Malala Yousafzai

I am Malala!

Today is International Women's Day! May 8th! This is the day we all stand together and appreciate not only the Women of the World but all that they have created. Mother Nature is not called mother for a random reason. Mother Nature is the Mother of everything that lives because everyone and everything has a mother. A womb in which a seed was planted and nurtured to grow. I am a mother and there is nothing I want more for my son then to thrive for the sustainability of the planet respecting, supporting and loving empowered women that nurturing the world. Today we celebrate life. The divine feminine. The heart of all matter that connects us to the collective conscious.

Today I want to bring special attention to this girl we all know as Malala. If you do not know her story google her up. One of the top links is the amazing interview on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Worth investing the time into watching all 3 segments. She is amazing and has empowered so many young women to rise up and speak for education. I hope you love the video and are inspired to help girls of world thrive. Third World problems need First World solutions!! Pedal it Forward.

Oh and don't forget to check out the Wonder Bloomer presale page today as there are a bunch of new photos up. Hope you love 'em. I have a mystery 'pattern' that I will announce on March 22nd. That's World Water Day, the beginning of spring and Unify! I want to hear from you, so share your Women of Inspiration with me so that I too can pedal it forward!

~~ I am Malala! I am infinite Hope!! ~~

Smile and enjoy the ride~


~feeling beautiful on a bike is empowering~

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