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Women of Inspiration Day 7: Frida Kahlo

Life imitates Art imitates Life. I have been an artist my whole life so there many great artists that I connect with, admire, and have learned from. But Frida Kahlo is different, she would even say so herself. Her inspiration in my painting life allowed me to discover how my stories translated to the canvas. Before studying her work, I was terrified of self portraits. I could paint naked people all day (which you do if you are a painting major) but I would avoid faces as they conveyed so much definition of who the person was. When my art matured and I no longer painted looking directly at my subject but rather let the ideas roll from my mind, the human form was called into my work as self. Having an understanding of the amazing messages that Frida Kahlo conveyed through her endless self portraits gave me the confidence to approach my own work with the freedom to "paint it like I feel it" rather then just how I see it. This was a monumental breakthrough in my work that has given me a visual voice to capture my story as it unfolds. You are welcome to take a look at my paintings at Abigail's Art Gallery. I hope you find my work empowering. If you like to paint, paint. If you like to sing, sing. Whatever you do to express yourself do it passionately. Just remember one thing: we are not alone in this world. Take the time to study those that came before you and inspire those that follow. It is the cycle of wisdom that gives meaning to life.

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