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Woman of Inspiration Day 10 : Arianna Huffington

As I was riding home from dropping my son off at school this morning, I was in awe at the devistation thestreets show from the harsh winter in the "polar vortex". The sunny was shining and the air was crisp. My heart was beeming as I pedaled gracefully around potholes staying clean and dry... refreshed. I really do believe the bicycle is a significant part of the evolution of human society and by embracing it we become more connected to each other and the Earth. The Earth will do fine without us, it is our own existance sustainability protects. I believe living life to it's fullest is about not just surviving but Thriving. Thriving to me is prioritizing to smile and enjoy the ride, whatever life throws at you.

Easier said then done? Not if you take little steps everyday. Wednesday is often Library Day at our house as kids get out of school early. We ride our bikes through the cemetry and community garden and load up on new literature. Life is a journey of learning so turning it into a quest for knowledge is delicious. Which brings me to today's Woman of Inspiration: Arianna Huffington. In the day of virtual social networking, our sources of quality information have changed drasticly. I admire Arianna Huffington for her consciousness to growing the Huffington Post to be a leader in spreading a solid grounded message.

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk she gives on the third metrics, which is an understanding I believe quite strongly in. Just as mission driven businesses must hold back from opportunities that lack integrity, the third metrics teaches us to let go of our muti-tasking obsession. Good stuff Arianna! Take some time make a tea and and give her your 100%, you won't regret it. Looks like I just found the newest book on my Book List: Thrive by Arianna Huffington published March 25th.

I hope you enjoy this thread of women that have inspired me as I grow My Alibi Clothing. There is always more to the story, so I want to show why I believe empowering women is such a valuable part of the future. By revealing the thread between the diversity of characters that have empowered me, I hope you in turn feel empowered to empower another. The Bloomers are one little element to My Alibi that really does support women in all genre of riding a bike. I hope your excited about the newest Wonder Bloomer version coming out with the exclusive Royal Stars fabric and the 'mystery' fabric to be announced on March 22nd which don't forget is World Water Day!

Pedal it Forward~


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