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Women of Inspiration Day 12: Diane Gibb

Have you ever had a cream cheese broccoli sandwich on sprouted bread? Simple, easy, and so delicous, a kid will eat it up. This sandwich has been a go to staple my entire life thanks to a little health food store in DesMoines, Iowa that always has this sort of creative delight stocked and ready in the deli fridge, just waiting to change your mind about boring veggies. Growing up in DesMoines, Campbell's was that special treat store we would go to for all the really good stuff. Today, Campbell's Nutrition is my everyday grocery as I believe supporting local in food is top priority. Organic is important but shortening the distance food travel to reach your plate is the real solution to the food crisis. The dependancy on food being shipped halfway across the country, or worse halfway across the world, is enabled by the consumer. People tell me all the time that they can't afford to shop at Campbell's, but what I hear is that it is not a priority in their budget. I could rant all day about what shifts can be made to afford healthier food, but I'll leave it to you think about for now. I can tell you from personal experience, cutting out the garbage food and trash can filler expenses, balanced with a "fresh is best" grocery shopping mentality, will leave you more energized, more fullfilled and more conscious to your effects on the planet and your own health.

Today's Woman of Inspiration goes out to Diane Gibb, the owner of Campbell's Nutrition. For 75 years this amazing little store has been nurturing relationships with local farmers to offer the best local produce, meats, dairy, and organic brands. The store may seem tiny compared to the blown up Whole Foods and WOW HyVee, but without all the over-processed crap it is easier to focus your diet on foods that offer the highest nutritional value. Being just half a block away, our family frequents this store almost daily. I often see people perusing the store looking for those rare healthy items they can't get at their chain grocery. I see them avoiding the high quality staples as if the price tags said "luxury item". While it is true that if you compare pound for pound, $ to $, you will notice you get less for your money, but at the end of the day, I doubt I spend more on food then you do. If you take a moment to factor in nutrient density, distance food travels and empty calories that fill your shopping cart from major brands, you will find that prioritizing your budget around higher quality sustainably grown food has a reciprocol effect on simplifing your life and enriching the connection to the community you live in.

I know lots of people that join CSA's to support locally grown produce, and I think that is terrific, but it's not for everyone. Shopping consciously towards sustainable community is a choice, not a luxury. If more people used Campbell's Nutrition as their local grocery then Diane would have the buying power to be more competitve with the Big Box Grocery, but that is a revolution that you have to decide to be apart of, if you believe in your consumer power. For now, I will continue to support Diane in her amazing work offering the highest quality nutrition in DesMoines. I know she works hard to offer the best prices and a wide selection of fresh locally grown products. It is women like her that stay passionate to the integrity of the businesses they own that inspire me to hold onto my own values as I grow My Alibi. Thank you, Diane, for being a grounded source for quality nutrition in DesMoines, you are a true inspiration! Maybe one day I'll come back to DesMoines to visit and you'll have a neighborhood store in every corner of the Metro ;)

As for My Alibi: The Wonder Bloomers are on PreSale for just 9 more days on Indiegogo. This is your opportunity to put a little Wonder Woman under your skirt. I am working hard to make this next production of the Bloomers just that much more awesome then they already are. I know, many of you secretly love them but can't get yourself you spend $70 on underwear. I get it. I shop the sale racks too. It is ingrained into us as women. You know, they actually teach us when we are very little how to be frugal shoppers? Well, I am here to tell you that you deserve to have the comfort of the Bloomers and they will easily pay for themselves in gas money. Whatever your relationship to the bike is, there is something special about the bloomers that open up a whole new perspective on integrating the bike into your life. I don't care if you ride once a day or once a month, I am working to support you feeling more beautiful riding so that it tempts you to pedal just a little more. Whether you love the current Bloomer colors or can't wait for the new ones, now is the best to buy them as you can get both at the best deals that I can possibly offer, with free shipping. AND the current colors are starting to sell out in some sizes so don't miss out on your favorite color.

I just had a woman buy the bloomers that wanted them for 3 years and they have already changed her excitement for the bike in just two weeks with two rides she said she would not have gone on without them!

Guys: you know a woman that would benefit from the Bloomers but not splurge on them for herself. You know she is worth it. You know she would love them. You would love to see her ride more. So what are you waiting for?

Smile and enjoy the ride!


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