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Woman of Inspiration Day 18: Jennifer Lawerence

I just like her. I think she is real and brilliant and Hollywood could use a lot more women like Jennifer Lawerence on the screen. I really love her heart-felt response to how teenage girls respond to society's body image pressure. I love that she calls us out to stop calling each other fat. Personally, I wish we could evolve our language to come up with better adjectives to replace this 3 letter word. Yes, we need to stop using this word for name calling. It is destructive and unproductive.

In the kitchen, we also need to stop lumping such a wide spectrum of foods into this term FAT. In such an abundance of information, sometimes in order to fully understand we must un-learn systems that are no longer relevant. Foods we eat do not fit into the categories Carb, Protein, and FAT. It doesn't make sense to group a deep fat fried potato with a creamy ripe avacado. But this outdated system of thinking about food does just that. Instead we need to focus on the farm to table relationship in order to increase the quality of nutrients in our diet. Body, Planet, and Community minded. This is where you come in. You, my friends, have a wealth of wisdom and understanding. You are the cream of the crop. It is our choice as partners in inspiring change to fill our timelines with quality education that inspires. I love hearing it from all of you and I look forward to seeing your stories. Pedal it forward to inspire the change we want to see in the world to thrive.

I hope you have been enjoying my stories of women that inspire me. Tomorrow is World Water Day. I pledged to use this campaign to educate not advertise so I hope you have appreciated my work. Though tomorrow is the last day to preOrder on the Wonder Bloomers, there are some other awesome announcements tomorrow so stay tuned. I will continue to post on Abbie's Spin about Women of Inspiration for the Women's History Month of March. I look forward to hearing your inspiring stories to add to My Alibi Clothing Facebook page as spring rolls into your life on two wheels. PHOTOS PLEASE! We love how you look on the bike so share with us. If not about yourself, about somebody that inspires you. Pedal it forward and don't forget to get your Wonder Bloomers. This can happen in one day, easily. But it takes each and every one of you wanting it. I'll make them at some point no matter what, but with your PreOrder it happens now. If the Royal Stars Wonder Bloomers are just too much to imagine on your booty right now, there are two other awesome new colors and 3 awesome current colors in stock. I do this for you. Those that have the bloomers (2000+ all over the world still pedalling!!) say they buy another pair for more options but the first pair is still rocking: even the ones from 2007!!! I know your buying the cheaper versions, and those of you that have shared with me found most of them inferior to the Bloomers far beyond the price tag. Tell me, what's holding you back? I want to know!!

Smile and enjoy the ride!


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