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Easy Clean Water

Water is super important and how we obtain our clean water has a huge effect on our environment. Clean water is an ever increasing issue so it is imparative to establish an efficient system for personal home use. Spring water is the ideal, but the bottling it in plastic and shipping it the store and then disposing of the bottles is a bad habit we need to resolve as a society. We have all heard of the "Plastic Island" floating around in the Atlantic that is the size of Texas, so reducing plastic waste from the basic life-sustaining resource that is water, is a vital solution. So finding a water filtration system that I can have confidence in has been a lifetime mission that I had no idea took so much of my energy and money, until I found the Berkey.

Before I tell you all of the reasons you should buy a Berkey, let's go back to the other solutions that now look like wimpy band-aids on an open wound. When we lived in Inverness the water source was great. Spring water that came down a stream but for obvious reasons we had a reverse osmosis filter system on the tap for drinking water. This seemed like an affordable, simple solution that required only a $100 filter replacement once a year. Over a 6 year period this added up to $600 (not counting the orignal system investment) but the real expense came with our frugalness with this precious water as it seemed our hard water spent the filter faster then the one year mark. We often traveled so would just buy bottled water for all of our trips. The hidden cost that I really didn't realize until recently though was the constant question in my head of whether the water we were drinking was pure enough. That plus the guilt whenever I bought bottled water together added up to a constant quest for a better solution. I would wish I could "afford" the gigantic full house system.

I had lost faith in the system so the next time we moved we decided to just go with the Brita. It seemed cheap and easy at $30 for the pitcher and just $10 a filter. Replace them every month was way easier then the RO system and gave me more confidence that they were working yet the end cost ended up to be more like $120/year plus the extra waste of all those plastic filters going into the trash. Since the system itself was quite slow and inefficient we still seemed to buy a lot of road trip bottled water, so while the upfront investment was irrelevant, the cost to stay hydrated was still high.

Then I found the Berkey. Not only is this beautiful contraption the most cost effective water filter on the market, it blows all the other options out of the water (pun intended) on how pure and confident a water solution can be! Not only does it clean the water but it does it does it better removing 99.999% of all contaminents down to the smallest bacterial level without removing the minerals (click for more details). What really made the biggest difference for us was the fact that the the amazing Black Berkey filters actually work to clean themselves making each filter last for over 3000 gallons of water! With most of the systems containing at least 2 filters this adds up to over 10 years of clean water using them everyday!

So which Berkey system is right for you? We are big water drinkers so we initially bought the Imperial that holds 4.5 gallons of filtered water. We love it but with just 3 people in our household we really don't need such a big system. It is nice that we don't have to fill it that often but the gravity system is so efficient that I think even the smallest Travel Berkey (1.5 gallons) would be enough to keep us flowing with clean water. I am now an authorized Berkey Dealer because I believe they are the best and I am happy to answer any questions or help you make the right choice for your water needs. Most importantly, I am excited to help others reduce the costs of clean water for your budget, and the environment. Together our conscious decisions create solutions to global problems.

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