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Supporting the Girls

Since the inception of My Alibi in 2007, with the first release of the Bloomers, we have given over 100 pairs of Bloomers away to women fighting cancer. Not because it is the "Pink thing to do" but because we've been there! Overcoming feminine challenges by bike: discovering powers in us that we never knew existed before topping that climb or surviving the downhill. We understand, in these physical exertions lies deep strengths that can be utilized to take that next step towards healing, health, and not just surviving but thriving. So while companies far and wide find big profits in stamping on the Pink Ribbon, know that we are actually connecting women to the bike to empower their healing. If you know a woman that you want to nominate for one of this year's free pair, email us at with their story. In addition to giving a Free matching pair of Bloomers to empower a fighting woman, we are offering 50% off all purchases of the Original My Alibi Bloomers now through October 31st, 2014. Use Promo Code: OctBloom at Hep us give and receive the koosh for your toosh!

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