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Liza in Reversible Skirt

Here is a sweet letter I received from a dear customer:


I had one of your original reversible skirts for a few years. It wore like iron. I traveled for one month in Italy with only one outfit. That skirt on the brown side or that skirt on the black side, with or without leggings. That was my entire wardrobe; and I was perfectly happy. It was suitable comfortable and attractive in every setting. I rode bikes through the hill towns in Tuscany, backpacked across the Apuane Alps, enjoyed fine dining in Pietra Santa ,and visited the Vatican in Rome. I sat on marble park benches, granite mountainsides, sandy beaches, and in St Peters Square in that skirt, and it never stained or pilled or snagged. It always looked brand new. Sadly it left my possession when my car was stolen. I got the car back but alas, the skirt was irreplaceable.

I am thrilled that you are making those epic skirts again. Thank you for making the single Best Garment I ever owned.


Liza Michaelson San Juan Island, Washington


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