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Ten Reasons for Bloomers

When I set out to design the innovative My Alibi Bloomers, I was on a mission to solve some major issues in the bike apparel department.

At the time I was putting in a good 20+ hours a week in a chamois so believe me I knew which ones worked, which ones lasted, and which ones flattered. Of course none seemed to do all three. My Objective was simple: create a product that bridged the gap. My top 10 requirements were:

1. The chamois had to be perfect: pro race quality, feminine fit, not to bulky, placed to protect the three pressure points.

2. The fit had to feel good on: snug yet breathable holding the chamois in place but not acting as a girdle.

3. The coverage had to be modest enough to wear under a skirt and not be seen.

4. Quality enough that you could wear them alone, if you wanted to rock it.

5. No Panty Lines! They needed to stay in place without binding and bulging, or sliding.

6. Low rise: Whatever they are going to be worn under, they shouldn't show.

7. Sustainable manufacturing: Environental and Socially Responsible Standards including durible quality.

8. They must work well under baggies or tights for long mountain bike rides or touring, while flattering under just about anything for commuting around town. They needed to versitile.

9. They are classic enough in style to feel cute for at least a decade.

10. The Bloomers are stylish enough to inspire any women to express herself fashionably on the bike to feel beautiful.

Do you have a pair of My Alibi Bloomers yet? I would love to see what you wear them under, send me a note! If not, what are you waiting for Shop in our Pedal Boutique now?

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