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Hitting 40

Cresting the top of Mt Vision for the 40th time this year by bike was only remarkable in the same way that it always is: bright, clean, refreshing. With muscles still engaged after conquering the dirt climb, the eyes take in the breathe taking views as the breathe is restored by a smooth paved shift in cadence to the actual peak.

Hitting 40 today had a bit of significance in the broader picture however, as at 20 weeks into 2015, we are just 20 weeks until my 40th Birthday. Hitting 80 times climbing up Mt Vision by then seems doable, so the goal is now set. Twenty weeks to ground in the accomplishments of my youth as I leap forward confidently with intention. While I never did make it to the Olympics, (though several of my friends did), I feel my successes in the first 4 decades of my life are reasonably significant. I have never listed them, per se, but I don't see life as a journey of successes but rather road full of turns that bring adventure and delight, enriched by interacting with like-minded others following their only path.

If you are reading this you can probably recall a time that our paths intersected. In fact, that particular moment most likely defines how you currently perceive me. ~Unless you follow me on "the FaceBook" then you might have a more visual idea of my life's work~ It is my goal over these next 20 weeks to engage with each and every one of you. Not just those few that may read Abbie's Spin, but rather a more intentional selection of you that has chosen to integrate the bike into your lifestyle AND put into action pedaling forward the pedal revolution. You see, we only win when we all show up and shine.

Jack Johnson said it so eloquently, "You might think that I am your enemy but that doesn't make you mine". There is enough competition in the world, in sport, in business to blindside us all from seeking the truth that we know as our little secret: Bike friendly communities are a dynamic piece of sustainable progress. If you sing it, if you ride it, if you shine it then by all means, won't you "Lean In" for that cup of tea with me? Let's conspire the futures delights for the kids, with the kids. I'm pedaling it forward. Are you?

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