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It's about the Paint

Instead of getting into the history of what the car has done to promote urban sprawl and consumerist disconnect, let’s look at what we have and build from it. First off, we have endless pavement, why spend our limited resources to pour more when cities like Portland, Minneapolis, even NYC are proving by painting in bike lanes we can greatly improve the safety factor of riding a bike in traffic. We have far to go to reach any of the European levels of mass bike transportation or innovative street to greenway projects but we must start somewhere: with the paint.

This is a federal collaborative issue that spans beyond the Bike Industry to our greater bike community but I believe the leaders in both need to be finding more and more ways to bring us, women into the

With this, it is all about the paint. Weither your community is ready to go all out and paint big green bike lanes or just simply improve the space to the right of the white line, the more leaders we have stepping up to bring these implementations to your local Transit Authority, the sooner we will all be able to just smile and enjoy the ride.

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