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Authenticity in the Original

The Original My Alibi Bloomers officially have the nicest chamois in the world! I am serious about this:

As the designer, I put all of my experience into making them everything I dreamed of as I trained over 20 hours a week in the saddle. I didn't get into this business to be famous or make a bazillion dollars. I created the My Alibi Bloomers as a solution to the many frustrations that I had with saddle irritations. You see, as a woman, I had a hard time accepting the fact that I had to create a calloused booty or always be soaked in really nasty creams to enjoy a comfortable ride. I can honestly say that the bike has been my primary form of transportation for over 30 years. I like to get home from a sweaty "workout" ride and clean up, dress up and pedal to my next commitment. Whether it's a professional meeting, errand or just picking my kid up from school, if I can get there on bike, I will adjust my schedule to assure I can get there on my bike. Honestly, it is one element of my life that I really have dialed in. It replaces therapy, the gym, the gas bill, and eliminates most road rage and parking issues. It rarely adds more the 10 minutes to my trip.

So as I applied all of this experience to designing the Bloomers, I dedicated to a diligant R&D project. Now 10 years later, I am still constantly testing. In 2010, while preparing for my second production run, I had to chose between the ultimate (yet boring looking) chamois and have them made in Italy causing the retail price to increase from $120 to $125 OR improve the fit and fabric quality, develop a prettier more mainstream looking chamois and move the production to a socially and environmentally responsible factory in Morocco bringing the price down to $70 MSRP. Hmmm...

Two Thousand pair of Bloomers later, as I prepare for my 4th large scale production, I was organizing inventory and going through old prototypes and such. While I have been sold out of my size in the Original Bloomers for 7 years, I found a pair! They must have been a pair that I used on the manniquin at a trade show as they were perfectly new and MY SIZE! I immediately suited up and headed out for a test ride. After two weeks of spoiling my booty in them I discovered a few things: While that 'boring' chamois may have not impressed the novice rider, it has qualities that are far superior then any other chamois on the market.

1. It takes a few rides to really mold it to your booty but once it does, it moves with your body creating no resistance.

2. The antibacterial quality is more inate to the nature of materials then a treated element as 99% of synthetic chamois' on the market contain.

3. When comparing this new pair to the old ones from the same production (8+ years of rides) and the newer productions, the Original are more then 200% more durable.

4. Above all, the general breathablity, and comfort is so signifcantly superior to any chamois that I have ever used (and that includes the new technology from the same manufacturer) that I am trying to figure out how to return to this quality in the next production.

This may seem like a simple task but it is not so and has created quite a delay in the process to release the Royal Stars Bloomers that are highly anticipated. The clock is ticking now, as inventory is running out on both top notch versions of the Bloomers. My advice: if you are a size 6, 8, or 10 take advantage of the clearance pricing on the last few pairs of this original style! If you are reading this and haven't ever bought a pair of Bloomers: buy two!

My challenge to you: I will give a FREE pair (from the next production) to any woman that buys both the Original (sorry only sizes 6, 8, 10 available) AND the newer version (limited supply of all sizes 0-16 in Chocolate color only) THEN writes to with a 6 month comparison review with the subject Bloomer Feedback 2016. No purchase necessary to Vote for the new Products HERE

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