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I've got a Booty & I'm not afraid to use it!

One morning last week as we were getting ready to ride to school, my 8 year old told me I have a big butt!

I was bent over cleaning off a table when he started giggling and blurted out, "You better cover that thing up!" -giggle, giggle.

"What?" I responded as I noticed he was staring at my my booty in yoga pants. "You think I need to put on a skirt before we ride to school?"'

"Yeah!" giggle, giggle, "it's just so big!"

Awesome! My kid thinks I have a big butt. Instantly my mind skipped back to my husband's comment singing sweetly to me, "You can do sidebends and sit-ups but please don't lose that butt!" A song that seems to haunt me as my younger brother's performed it at my high school graduation party on the kareoke stage. Somehow through it all, I grew to realize that this butt is a gift of power. Once I embraced using it proudly, it started taking me on adventures that have broadened my awareness of the world. Whether deep in the woods on a single speed, or cruising around town in a skirt, my booty is the power to my confident cadence.

So for all of you women out there blessed with nice round booties: go get some! Use the power that you have been gifted with to pedal. It doesn't matter if you prefer going slow, charging fast downhill, getting sweaty on the climbs or you just like to cruise through town in a skirt. I designed the Bloomers to maximize your booty comfort, however you express yourself, so Pedal On & Feel Beautiful on a Bike!

Photo credit: Pamela Palma
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