A Year Ahead of Ya- Top 10 Lessons

So exactly a year ago, it was all just too much. Working as a rep had me busting 13 hour days in crowds of 50,000 coughing, sneezing, sweaty, toxic humans. I'd spend 30+ hours a week as a flag in a branded truck stuck in Bay Area traffic jams day after day. The frequency of hotels, airports, ubers, and trying to maintain a healthy diet on Whole Foods and Thai Restaurants while justifying 3 hour lunch rides as I'd be stuck in traffic until dusk all pushed me to my edge. Oh my family? Yeah. I quit. Had enough. WALKED. But as a 44 year old entrepreneurial mom who just wasted 2 years busting ass for less than half of what I made slinging wine in my 20's: I found myself OVER-Qualified (

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