What's in the name?

Bloomers have a long history. I did not invent them. If you poke around at all about the history of woman and the bike you will surely read a Susan B Anthony quote or two and see a lot connections between the bicycle and the sufferages, women's empowerment and the evolution to women wearing pants. Bloomers were a big part of the revolution. As skirts got shorter and more functional, Bloomers were essential to women riding a bicycle. Over the years just as underwear has shrunk in coverage so have Bloomers. My Alibi Bloomers have changed the face of women riding bikes and inspired many many versions of new bike underwear for both men and women. Before the Bloomers were released in 2007

Meeting Tom

I never intended to be a Yoga Teacher but my practice has been so significant to my own growth and health that it became impossible for me not to share it. I first found my voice to let the connected consciousness that is Yoga flow through me, when coaching elite teenage cyclists. These girls empowered me in every aspect of my life to be my best and keep trying. When I first assembled the Pretty Fast Girls, I had let go of my dream to continue my career as a Pro MTB racer... as a mom. I was dealing with some pretty intense hormonial imbalances that were quite dehibiliting off the bike. The intensity of racing pushed me beyond a healthy threshold. By riding with these girls, I was inspi

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