Letting Go to realize true Destiny

In these last days of 2014, I have been reflecting on the joys and struggles of the year. I can't help but to write this year off as painfully unfair yet I know there's a silver lining. How can an eternal optimist confess to such a gloomy resolve? Well, how about this: JANUARY: I tried to go to DC to connect and inspire at the National Bike Summit only to spend a Sunday flying from DesMoines to Minniapolis and back to DesMoines in time for the Emmy's due to STORM TITIAN. Total Loss: $800 with no refunds and failed Wonder Bloomer Campaign (which I had planned to promote in person) APRIL: During our trip to the Sea Otter Classic to debut the Pedal Boutiques to the cycling community, my 10 y

Liza in Reversible Skirt

Here is a sweet letter I received from a dear customer: I had one of your original reversible skirts for a few years. It wore like iron. I traveled for one month in Italy with only one outfit. That skirt on the brown side or that skirt on the black side, with or without leggings. That was my entire wardrobe; and I was perfectly happy. It was suitable comfortable and attractive in every setting. I rode bikes through the hill towns in Tuscany, backpacked across the Apuane Alps, enjoyed fine dining in Pietra Santa ,and visited the Vatican in Rome. I sat on marble park benches, granite mountainsides, sandy beaches, and in St Peters Square in that skirt, and it never stained or pilled or snagge

Ode to a Single

I hope you know that I do it all for you I feel your resistance as we struggle up this climb together Rythme and connection will be validated at the top But its in this moment that we are alive Pretty in Pink please don't give up The View from the top will fill our spirit with abundance Followed by blissful speed as we descend But don't you know it is all about the climb? We'll get to the bottom and our momentum will assure we start moving up again. Oh Pretty Lady, standing there dangled in an orange chain, I am sorry for neglecting you. Each time will get easier. I promise to hold on tight And Enjoy the ride.

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