Woman of Inspiration Day 19: Marilyn Diamond

Ok, I admit it, I am a bit of a food snob. Organic, Grass-fed, free-range, or fresh meaning grown in my backyard are all priorities in my diet. I am busy and frugal so I work hard to plan ahead for our family to keep the nutrient density high. Looking back to when it all started, I have to give credit to Marilyn Diamond for the book "Fit for Life". One of the 25 best selling books of all time in 1986, she inspired me early on to be creative with vegetables and not sacrific flavor. Over the years, I have become a cookbook junkie picking up 3 every 3 weeks at the library. I have to say, today, I don't know if this book would have made it to the checkout as there were no pictures and the

Women of Inspiration Day 18: Mother Nature & Mom's everywhere

Today is World Water Day. Water covers over two thirds of our planet yet is the most rapidly depleted resource by the human species. It is essential to life, yet even in the most civilized cultures, we contaminate our own drinking water and have resorted to bottled water as a "healthy alternative". If that alone isn't sad enough, our mindless consumerism supports corporate empires that are polluting the water sources in far off lands to manufacture our stuff (don't miss this link to the Story of Stuff). It's a vicious cycle that we are a part of and do have the power to change. My Tribute as a Woman of Inspiration today goes out to Matt Damon's Mom. Until today I didn't even know her na

Woman of Inspiration Day 18: Jennifer Lawerence

I just like her. I think she is real and brilliant and Hollywood could use a lot more women like Jennifer Lawerence on the screen. I really love her heart-felt response to how teenage girls respond to society's body image pressure. I love that she calls us out to stop calling each other fat. Personally, I wish we could evolve our language to come up with better adjectives to replace this 3 letter word. Yes, we need to stop using this word for name calling. It is destructive and unproductive. In the kitchen, we also need to stop lumping such a wide spectrum of foods into this term FAT. In such an abundance of information, sometimes in order to fully understand we must un-learn systems

Woman of Inspiration Day 17: Vanessa Hauswald

Have you ever had one of those friends that you don't even need to spend a lot of time with and you know you are on the same page? Vanessa Hauswald is one of those women for me. Before I ever met her, I knew her brother and her (now) husband through racing. During that time she was traveling the world leading bike tours, a job that I also held while establishing myself in Northern California. While I worked for a different tour company, the nature of the job attracts a certain personality. Vanessa embodies these charactistics for me in such a timeless way. She's the girl that refuses to grow up yet carries a deep understanding of wisdom that seems infinite as if it has always been with

Woman of Inspiration Day 17: Anita Hill

Fun fact for Hump Day: My High School graduating class was the first to start college with the world wide web. We were the test bunnies of this new way of communicating, collecting and sharing information. When we all started college we got our first email address: firstname@school.edu. Within a couple of years we had found a social platform and my first alias was born: alibi. Yep that was how it all started. I was just 16, when this woman sat trial in front of America. There was no Facebook, no texting, no cell phones... no internet. I barely remember the details of this affair, but there is a stark image imprinted in my head of that long string of old white men sitting at a table acro

Women of Inspiration Day 16

Sunday as I condensed the Bloomer inventory from 11 boxes and 9 bins to 6 boxes and 9 full bins, the song "Dark Horse" came on the radio 3 times. No I was not too lazy to change it, I was just deeply focused multi-tasking: mental strategizing and physical counting. (Besides, there really wasn't anything to change it to on the old Tuner on the 3rd floor). So this morning on my ride in the grey day, when the tune lingered into my climbing rythme, I decided to go with it. No, I'm not going to pay tribute to Katie Perry now. Rather, let's talk about that "perfect storm". You know the one that resides deep inside of you. Somewhere between intuitively feminine, boldly maternal, jealously t

Woman of Inspiration Day 15: Marla Streb

How about a little riding motivation for Monday? As long as racing a bike has been in my vocabulary Marla Streb has been an inspiration to me. Killing it on downhills stealing titles from the kids, Marla started racing after a career as a cytogeneticist studying the AIDS virus. Watching her riding style on VHS definitely helped me in my early years to learn to let go of the brakes and sit back on the saddle. But I think her story and talent marketing herself is what really drew me in. I think the fact that she was a smart girl with courage to battle the boys makes her such a great role model. Her effective way of communicating her story made her a household name in Bike culture. She d

Day 14 Woman of Inspiration: Lorde

You would have to live under a rock to not know who Lorde is after her "nailing it" with 2 Grammy's at just 17 years old. This young pop phenomina from New Zealand gets my tribute as a woman of inspiration for her passionate lyrics. Music inspires us, it moves us, but today the messege from so many lyrics lack substance. For this young artist to speak such raw truth about not "having it all" but believing in yourself, is far beyond her years. Add to that the desire to see women empowering each other is a fire that I believe is starting to really trickle into the minds of this maturing generation. As a woman who is passionate about empowering women, I pay attention to the subtitlies. I h

Woman of Inspiration Day 13: Barbara Eden

Yes, you know her as the beloved Jeannie. There is just something about that darmic smile. It's authentic, it's sincere.... it's truely happy. Go digging around in Hollywood gossip all you want but listen to your soul and you'll remember some piece of your dream in life that was able to flourish because of watching "I dream of Jeannie". Her smile was so brilliantely captivating, even my 6 year old boy gets sucked into the reruns. She's not only charmingly innocently feminist in her role as Jeannie but the unaltered bliss of dreaming big and believing in what you want rings through every episode. Of course, we could all use a little magic wink. Barbara Eden has captivated generations fo

Women of Inspiration Day 12: Diane Gibb

Have you ever had a cream cheese broccoli sandwich on sprouted bread? Simple, easy, and so delicous, a kid will eat it up. This sandwich has been a go to staple my entire life thanks to a little health food store in DesMoines, Iowa that always has this sort of creative delight stocked and ready in the deli fridge, just waiting to change your mind about boring veggies. Growing up in DesMoines, Campbell's was that special treat store we would go to for all the really good stuff. Today, Campbell's Nutrition is my everyday grocery as I believe supporting local in food is top priority. Organic is important but shortening the distance food travel to reach your plate is the real solution to th

Women of Inspiration Day 11: Alex Porrata

Sometimes inspiration comes in ways we least expect it to, like extra challenges we must overcome. Today's tribute goes out to a dear friend from my West Marin family, Alex Porrata. Let me start with a little throwback story to the project that brought us to put our heads together for the first time. Alex grow up with my husband, Bill, so I was married into the WM 'clan'. This is a small tight community based around HUGE values of intigrity to tread lightly on the Earth and live simply, to thrive enjoying the abundance of love. Might sound a little hippie, but nestled on the northern coast of Cali with National Seashore to enjoy and protect, this community is grounded in deep connection

Woman of Inspiration Day 10 : Arianna Huffington

As I was riding home from dropping my son off at school this morning, I was in awe at the devistation thestreets show from the harsh winter in the "polar vortex". The sunny was shining and the air was crisp. My heart was beeming as I pedaled gracefully around potholes staying clean and dry... refreshed. I really do believe the bicycle is a significant part of the evolution of human society and by embracing it we become more connected to each other and the Earth. The Earth will do fine without us, it is our own existance sustainability protects. I believe living life to it's fullest is about not just surviving but Thriving. Thriving to me is prioritizing to smile and enjoy the ride, wha

Women of Inspiration Day 9: Amelia Bloomer

So 8 years ago, I was writing my first Business Plan and getting lots of business advice. Over and over and over and over people would tell me "Get a Patent on those Bloomers" "Get a Trademark on My Alibi, on Bloomers, on Pedal Pushers" and on and on. Of course, right away I got the My Alibi trademark and spent the $100 to get patent pending on my innovative new Bloomer concept: an investment that would last 1 year as I filed endless paperwork & hired a patent attorney. Soon I discovered, it would cost me around $1700 to gain a patent that would last for 7 years BUT that patents don't do much in the world of apparel as changing color or a single stitch makes it a new product. Funny thin

Woman of Inspiration Day 8: Mary McConnoloug

It's Monday and the sun is finally warming this city to 60 today. The birds are chirping and bikes and yoga are my priorities today! As an entrepreneur, I am grateful for my years in the field racing to keep me dedicated to my physical health as it is not separate from mental wellbeing and focus. More on that later this week, but for today, I want to share the story of how Mary McConneloug inspired me to be courageously grounded. The first time that I officially met Mary was on Bofax road, about half way up an epic 6km climb. I was muddy as can be on my moutain bike (26") and she was clean catching me on her road bike. I was in the middle of winning the PR Grasshopper race, which she sk

Women of Inspiration Day 7: Frida Kahlo

Life imitates Art imitates Life. I have been an artist my whole life so there many great artists that I connect with, admire, and have learned from. But Frida Kahlo is different, she would even say so herself. Her inspiration in my painting life allowed me to discover how my stories translated to the canvas. Before studying her work, I was terrified of self portraits. I could paint naked people all day (which you do if you are a painting major) but I would avoid faces as they conveyed so much definition of who the person was. When my art matured and I no longer painted looking directly at my subject but rather let the ideas roll from my mind, the human form was called into my work as s

Women of Inspiration Day 6: Malala Yousafzai

I am Malala! Today is International Women's Day! May 8th! This is the day we all stand together and appreciate not only the Women of the World but all that they have created. Mother Nature is not called mother for a random reason. Mother Nature is the Mother of everything that lives because everyone and everything has a mother. A womb in which a seed was planted and nurtured to grow. I am a mother and there is nothing I want more for my son then to thrive for the sustainability of the planet respecting, supporting and loving empowered women that nurturing the world. Today we celebrate life. The divine feminine. The heart of all matter that connects us to the collective conscious. To

Women of Inspiration Day 5: The Pretty Fast Girls

Flashback Friday takes me back to the amazing opportunity to mentor these 5 incredible young women, as they expanded their journey into elite MTB racing. In 2007-08, I was coaching a team of High School boys in Marin and while fully supporting them at all of the NorCal MTB races, I began to notice a talented string of girls rising up. There were a handful from Marin County that it seemed to make sense to bring together to ride and train, so I met with Dario Fredricks at Whole Athlete as he had assembled an amazing elite boys team. Instantaneously, it was a fit, and he asked me to recruit and mentor them. It didn't take long before I had 6 girls out on a weekly summer ride. When it was t

Woman of Inspiration Day 4: Alice Paul

It's Thursday so how about a Throwback to to another century when women joined hands, from the depths of poverty to the elite of class, to fight for the rights that we woman today take for granted? Yes, I am speaking of Alice Paul and the power the suffragettes found through standing together through a hunger strike to force their voice to be heard. Would you go to jail for the rights you believe in? If you haven't seen it, put "Iron Jawed Angels" in DVD queue. A powerful reenactment of history that wasn't in the text books I read in High School. There is only one thing missing from this film and that is the bikes these women were riding to find their independence. The history of bloomers al

Woman of Inspiration Day 3: Michelle Obama

Day 3 Woman of Inspiration goes out to the beautiful 1st Lady, Michelle Obama. I am not only a huge fan of her, and her Let's Move campaign but I am honored to have a White House Seal stamped Thank You Note for the Bloomers!! Hope she like the Wonder Bloomers new Royal Stars version... Yes, Michelle your beautiful daughters are going to have to learn to drive, but you can inspire them to ride a bike to get around and nurture their communities with Pedal Power! Loved her presence on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! My Alibi is working to take the "eewww" out of riding a bike.

Woman of Inspiration Day 2: Jeanie Epper

Today's Inspiration goes out to Wonder Woman. While you might think of Linda Carter, I want to highlight the true pioneer behind this magic hero.... Jeannie Epper may not be a name you are familiar with, but she was the stunt double that made this great super hero so convincing, while being the first woman of her profession! She was the pioneer of women stunt doubles making our feminine super hero convincingly daring! The new Wonder Bloomers are a tribute to this inspiration...These Wonder Bloomers are all about that real feminine power! Pedal it Forward!

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