Business Lesson from a Single-Speed Bike

The first time I jumped on a Single-speed there was a natural connection. My body immediately responded to a change in pitch by standing up and pulling on the handbars. I suddenly felt lighter and more powerful on the climbs as I began to use my entire body to get up that hill. Out of 22 years of riding MTB's, for 15 of them I have had an obsessive dedication to riding with only one gear. Now if you have never tried to climb a mountain on a single speed, you might think we are kind of crazy. Honestly, I have learned so many powerful lessons about myself, life, the wilderness, and yes business, on a one geared bike that maybe by the end of this, you might want to give it a try for yourse

Attitude is Everything

Anyone who tries to tell you differently is probably trying to sell you something. No matter what your day has in store for you, by setting an intention and approaching life with an attitude to make the most of each moment, you have the power. Simple things like going to school can evolve into a life of happiness by simply finding a routine that sets the mind on a positive track. Exercise is a proven stimulant to connect the synapsis of the brain to fire with ease, so a bike ride to school is the ideal start for an active mind. Embrace each opportunity to learn and grow with an attitude of intention. Pedal On!

I've got a Booty & I'm not afraid to use it!

One morning last week as we were getting ready to ride to school, my 8 year old told me I have a big butt! I was bent over cleaning off a table when he started giggling and blurted out, "You better cover that thing up!" -giggle, giggle. "What?" I responded as I noticed he was staring at my my booty in yoga pants. "You think I need to put on a skirt before we ride to school?"' "Yeah!" giggle, giggle, "it's just so big!" Awesome! My kid thinks I have a big butt. Instantly my mind skipped back to my husband's comment singing sweetly to me, "You can do sidebends and sit-ups but please don't lose that butt!" A song that seems to haunt me as my younger brother's performed it at my high school

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